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Speed Reading101 Workshops at Columbia University, et al.

  • 1. In a nutshell. Speed Reading101 instructors divulge tested techniques aiming to boost long-term memory, concentration, & reading-speed, in workshops  at Columbia University, et al.
  • 2. Learning to read is like learning to ride a bike – without proper instructions it’s too easy to end up in a bush. Get lost in a book instead, with this voucher. Speed Reading101 tuition: $695.
  • 3. During the 9am to 3:15pm workshop, instructors divulge their guiding principles designed to alleviate common reading snafus.

    Students and Adults are enlightened on such subjects as how-to use the right tool to read three (3) books, artilces & reports in the time your competitors can hardly finish even one.
  • 4. Students & adults receive a 144 page workbook, and a Raster-Master, a laser-pointer, used to speed us your eye movement for speed reading. You discover secrets of “Peripheral-Vision.”
  • 5. Fifty-Two (52%) percent of our graduates are adults, and 48% youngsters from age 10, through High School (S.A.Ts), college, & graduate-school.

    Adults (including executives) come to improve personal-skills for career-success.
    Other adults come for fun and personal growth.
  • 6. Workshops are held at Columbia University et al., & are scheduled for Saturdays from 9am to 3:15pm, (five-hours of instruction with an additional one-hour break for lunch).
  • 7. Vouchers are valid for workshops at Columbia University, et al. the following Saturdays: August 25, and (Sun.) September 9, & Saturdays, 9.15, 22, & 29th, 2012.  Call Gene: 877-567-2500 for dates in Oct., Nov., and Dec. 2012.
  • 8. Speed Reading101 Workshops

Faced with mountains of data-filled reports to read and process every day, the White House staffs at the Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Carter administrations turned to speed reading to exponentially increase the amount of information they could absorb.

Since then tens of thousands of regular folks, executives, and school-kids have graduated as speed readers. They consistently read three (3) times faster, with up to a 15% increase in compre-   hension, and almost double (2x) their long-term memory.

Speed Reading101 workshops offer the benefits of acing exams, career-promotions, and having more time-for-fun.

During the five-hour workshop, instructors offer strategies, techniques, and tactics on how-to utilize your “peripheral-vision” (left and right-sides).

You learn to unlock your brain’s ability to quickly read without hearing each word pronounced in your mindit’s baby-easy, and powerful.       

See ya, Hal, copyright © 2012, H. Bernard Wechsler

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